Saturday, 16 August 2014

This Material Is Capable Of Making Water Defy Gravity, Run Uphill

This Material Is Capable Of Making Water Defy Gravity, Run Uphill

You could very well shout out; ‘Optical illusion’ but we assure you that this is real and not just another optical illusion. Yes, scientists have found a way to defy gravity and they did so by making water run uphill. This was made possible by making use of a material that has a number of very small electroplated metal bristles that respond to a magnetic field. A change in magnetic field results in a change in the bristles, subsequently imparting direction to the water that sits on them.Magnetic microhair from MIT4
The research comes from MIT and the team foresees the use of this material in creating glare-resistant windows and clothing that will resist rain. The micro-hair is made of nickel and has a height of 70 microns and a width of 25 microns. Comparing it to a human hair reveals that it is about 1/4th the diameter of a human hair. The research team made an assembly of micro-hair that was crafted onto an elastic and transparent layer of silicone.Magnetic microhair from MIT2
During the test phase it was discovered that the material, magnetically activated, was also able to direct the flow of light and not just fluid. According to the research team, this research could very well provide a way to making waterproofing and anti-glare products. According to Yangying Zhu, graduate student in MIT’s Department of Mechanical Engineering; ‘You could coat this on your car windshield to manipulate rain or sunlight. So you could filter how much solar radiation you want coming in, and also shed raindrops. This is an opportunity for the future.’Magnetic microhair from MIT3
According to Ms Zhu, the inspiration for this research came from nature. In words of Ms Zhu; ‘We see these dynamic structures a lot in nature. So we thought, ‘What if we could engineer microstructures, and make them dynamic?’ This would expand the functionality of surfaces.’ She also said that more complex magnetic fields could be designed and incorporated to come up with more elaborate tilting patterns. The flexibility of the material also allows for it to be incorporated into fabric.
Miss Wang said; ‘A nice thing about this substrate is that you can attach it to something with interesting contours. Or, depending on how you design the magnetic field, you could get the pillars to close in like a flower. You could do a lot of things with the same platform.’

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Grain Sack That Doubles as a Solar Powered Water Purifier for the Third World

Grain Sack That Doubles as a Solar Powered Water Purifier for the Third World

Outraged by the existence of so many starving communities with no access to clean water in many poor countries, three Korean industrial designers – Jung Uk Park, Myeong Hoon Lee and Dae Youl Lee – created a special bag that initially is used for delivering the food sent by the UN and international NGOs to those in need. The idea is that these organizations replace conventional bags with a Life Sack to ship grains and other food staples to these people. After the food is stored, the bag works as a water purifier.

The container uses Solar Water Disinfectant Process (SODIS) technology to kill organisms in the contaminated liquid through thermal treatment and UV-A-radiation, which easily penetrates the PVC easily. An internal filter is able to remove all microorganisms bigger than 5 nanometers. To get an idea of this filter’s efficiency, the bacteria that causes tuberculosis is 200 nanometers in size.

More than 4,000 children die everyday as a result of diarrhea from drinking contaminated water; SODIS is a free and effective method for treating water using plastic bottles and the sun’s UV rays to kill pathogens responsible for diarrhea. Simply leave a clean plastic container filled with water in the sun for 6 hours and those bacteria are destroyed, literally scorched.

Considering that some people walk great distances to get water, the Life Sack comes with straps so it can confortably be carried as a backpack. Then they just hang it in the sun and let the magic work itself.

LifeSack Water Purifier Kit

Via: [Pure Drinkable Water]

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Daymak Beast : The on-road off-road solar powered e-bike

Daymak Beast

Be among the first to get your hands on the Eco-friendly Solar powered on road/off road Ebike that goes anywhere ---THE BEAST!


Like to mark your own path? Don't want to be limited by the road? The Daymak Beast Ebike is for you! This electric bicycle that acts like a scooter has full functional pedals that make it street legal in most of the civilized world without insurance or license, and it has wide tires that allow you go where regular bicycles can not go! But wait, the Beast doesn't stop there! Not only can it go on paved roads, dirt roads and off road, it also charges while you are riding, working or resting!
Imagine going into the woods, camping, on a farm, on a mine, in a park, any where, without making a noise! You can listen to the birds or the waves! Your Beast is 100% green. In fact it is one of the greenest ebikes in the market thanks to its solar battery pack! 100% Green! 100% Fun! For ages 16 or older!
Daymak Battery Pack
Daymak Battery Pack
 The solar battery pack charges at approximately 1 km/hr or 0.6 miles/hr in any type of daylight. Cloudy or sunny the battery is charging! 90% of ebike riders  do approximately 10 km/6 miles or less per day. This means most riders will have no need for a charger (don't worry a charger is included if you need to charge faster).
The Beast's removable battery pack can act as an emergency power generator and features two usb ports where you can plug any small device from your smart phone to a notebook and with 110V/220V plug available on the Ultimate version you can even plug in a TV. What more could you ask for?


Daymak is based in Toronto, Canada. We have been in the business of ebikes since 2001. We have always dreamed of designing our own ebikes, so here we are developing the Beast!
Over the last two years, we have designed and built an all terrain ebike which challenges all regulars myths about ebikes. We are now ready to share the final design result with the world. We are offering the Beast to the early adaptive kickstarter community to find out who is interested in riding a Beast and to see where it will go next!

We're a small company with 10 years+ experience in selling electric bicycles and electric scooters. We believe this is a big idea and are interested in finding supporters to raise the amount of capital needed to establish the Beast as a product in a global market. The additional supplementary financing we are seeking will finally allow us to concentrate on all the details that still need to be worked on like the modification of the frame or the improvement of the driving dynamics. Furthermore, we have to fulfill our engineering obsession of perfecting the Beast in every detail. It will take our team a lot of work, power and money to be able to start with the serial production to share the Beast with the rest of the world.

As we prepare for the production of our first run  we are excited for all the potential backers' support and commitment. If we reach our goal we will be able to add additional features such us upgraded components. The KMC chain, Shimano Disc Brakes, Samsung batteries and most of all, the leading edge Smart phone app for iPhone and Android that will bring the Beast to the next level! The wireless app will talk directly to the motor and batteries and will allow your phone to display all information such as your speed, distance traveled, GPS, battery level and can act as your key. 
 App Features - Allows users to check the current speed, location, battery life and data about your trip.